CSR Communication on Progress 2013/2014

Our main programmes and initiatives in the Social dimension
Our global programmes and initiatives in the strategic focus areas

“Adecco has worked with Great Place to Work® since 2004 to create and sustain a great workplace across the many countries. I am very impressed by the focused and dedicated effort they put into developing their workplace culture, both locally and globally.“

Ditte Vigsø, Managing Director, Great Place to Work® Denmark


Adecco Academy
Colleagues from Adecco Group, the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden and Spain were in Rome to pick up Adecco’s Great Place to Work Europe award.

Team, Training & Development

Global programmes and initiatives

Adecco is a Great Place to Work
Every year since 2004, we have been conducting the Great Place to Work survey. The survey has now been adopted by over one third of our country organisations and business lines/brands which includes over 80% of our employees in 28 countries and all of our major business lines/brands such as Beeline, LHH and Pontoon. Our goal is to be recognised as an employer of choice, not just in our own industry, but amongst other world-leading companies. The Great Place to Work Trust Index© is an employee survey tool that measures the level of trust, pride and camaraderie within workplaces. The overall result for the Group improved by 2% in 2014 compared to 2013. The greatest improvement was seen in the dimensions ‘respect and fairnessʼ in 2014. For the first time, Adecco made the ranking of top multinational workplaces in Europe – coming straight in at number 19!
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In 2014, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands (Adecco and Ajilon), Spain, Sweden and the UK & Ireland (Adecco, Office Angels, Computer People, Spring Technology) all made it to the Best Workplaces lists in their respective country. In addition, euro engineering AG in Germany again made it to Germany’s top employers list. One of the reasons for this good performance is our open company culture which is firmly based on our Group values and leadership principles.

The Adecco Academy The Adecco Academy provides a solid foundation for the Group’s global training and development offerings catering for a wide variety of employees. The programmes are organised under two pillars: leadership and service & sales.

Leadership Through our leadership programmes, in cooperation with two of the best business schools in the world, INSEAD in France and IMD in Switzerland, more than 900 of Adecco’s managers have been trained to improve their leadership skills.

This programme is designed around Adecco Group’s six strategic priorities. The basic concept is to combine each of these with cutting-edge academic thinking, practically addressing the challenges facing the Adecco Group and its Senior Management team.
Colleagues engage in active and practical discussions concerning different initiatives and leave the programme with a clearer focus and a personal action plan on what we can do to further progress on specific initiatives.
Furthermore, participants have the chance to apply the concepts introduced to real business challenges they face at the Adecco Group.

This course focuses on leadership situations our colleagues experience and the behaviours they require to be an effective leader. The colleagues receive intense individual feedback and coaching and gain a better understanding of why people behave as they do. Colleagues work in small teams with an experienced leadership coach: learning through deep self-assessment, role play, outdoor exercises and debriefs, case studies, group work and video (observing their own behaviour on film). The emphasis is on experiences – they experiment with their own behaviour and actions, to find out more about themselves and others.

With this programme, colleagues gain a greater awareness of a changing world and develop an understanding of the impact digital media and technology has on society, communication and brands. It challenges existing ways of thinking and working whilst building competence and confidence within the digital space. Colleagues get to experience digital media through tangible tasks and explore digital opportunities within their own Adecco Group business.
The programme showcases best practice examples of what other organisations have implemented, with a special em-phasis on the service industry.

This highly intensive programme develops the skills that are needed to meet the demands of general management responsibilities and effective leadership in an operations environment. The content has been adapted to the challenges of our industry and the unique needs of the Adecco Group business while still bringing innovation from other industries and leveraging the expertise of the world-class faculty members.

Service & sales

The Service Excellence Course has been designed, built and delivered by Adecco, for Adecco. It is aimed at raising awareness of our customer needs and expectations, and how we can exceed these.
The course is designed especially for Branch Managers as they have the most access to, and impact on, our customers.
Participants will work through a series of discussions, activities and experiences to adapt a common customer service framework for key interactions with their customers. This proves a great opportunity to highlight the impact of one’s actions and behaviour and assist with overcoming potential poor perceptions. In 2013, 1,130 people were trained from 46 countries.

Value Focused Selling goes beyond basic sales techniques and delivers a tried-and-tested approach focused on consultative selling methodologies. It has been delivered to Adecco colleagues in over 15 countries since 2009.
Colleagues learn how to engage clients in a way that helps them understand what is important to our clients (value) and how to then customise a solution to meet those wants and needs. The course introduces a process with a practical application that guides colleagues throughout the entire sales process, giving them a better way to qualify and quantify the sales potential.
The consultative approach covers how to work proactively throughout the entire client structure and utilise time and resources effectively.

High Intensity Training, or HIT as it is commonly referred to, has been enhancing Adecco colleagues’ sales and recruiting skills in over 25 countries since 2006. This training programme is targeted at colleagues with a ‘retailʼ focus, both in the Professional and General Staffing businesses. Colleagues learn the basics of sales, recruiting, order maintenance and operational efficiencies. We discuss global best practices and work through techniques in a classroom setting, to adapt these best practices to local realities. Learning techniques include large-group discussion, role plays and culturally adapted small-group discussions.
All activities are done while receiving real-time coaching and mentoring from trainers. Confidence is built through repetition and reinforcement of the skills necessary to succeed in our industry.

Adecco colleagues during one of our Service Excellence Courses in Bangalore, India.
Adecco colleagues during one of our Service Excellence Courses in Bangalore, India.

Select country programmes and initiatives

CAP certification: Behaviour – Diligence – Professionalism
Groupe Adecco France has implemented an internal certification process for associates. Their 80,000 clients are an important opinion provider in this process. At the end of the assignment, clients are asked to evaluate the associate based on seven criteria. Once an associate receives three ‘A’ ratings from different clients, he/she is certified for one year and receives additional benefits and training. If appraisals are rated ‘B’ or ‘C’, Adecco will work together with the associate to improve performance. The certification process furthers the engagement of associates and strengthens the relationship with the client. It helps Adecco better match companies and talents. It also increases the employability of associates because of the regular feedback they get after each assignment. And it motivates associates to outperform because their work is acknowledged and they feel part of the Adecco team.

Adecco Poland’s Sales University Adecco is committed to finding the best talents. Our colleagues in Poland have created the ‘Sales University’ for Polish graduates. The goal is to approach graduates early and familiarise them with Adecco, our sector and services in order to attract and gain new employees who are eager to learn and to be part of our company – specifically for our sales department with a focus on the retail sector. The programme was promoted at Universities and 200 students applied online. So far, Adecco Poland has conducted four trainings over four days during a period of five weeks with a total of 70 applicants. After the candidates had gone through an assessment and skill-testing process, Adecco Poland was able to recruit 14 young graduates directly from University into our workforce. We are convinced that good retention rates require the right recruitment practices.
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Supporting apprenticeships DIS AG Germany has always been at the forefront in nurturing young employees. They have been promoting dual education for 16–19-year-olds by offering three-year apprenticeships which are composed of practical training on the job, seminars and e-learning modules to become a certified Human Resources expert. ‘Personaldienstleistungskaufmann/-frau’. The apprenticeships can be done in different departments such as Human Resources, Business Development, Marketing, Procurement, Sales, Accounting or in one of our branches. At the beginning of 2014, one of DIS’ apprentices was awarded as the best graduate amongst all German students in her field. What most motivated the 19-year-old was the great team spirit amongst her colleagues, the practical experience she could gain alongside theory and the responsibilities she was given in her role as apprentice.
DIS website for apprenticeships