CSR Communication on Progress 2013/2014

Our main programmes and initiatives in the Social dimension
Our global programmes and initiatives in the strategic focus areas

“It is essential for every company to provide their employees with a workplace that is safe and healthy. Establishing a commitment and culture of compliance with federal, state and local occupational safety and health rules and regulations is therefore key to success.”

Ralph White, Risk & Safety Specialist, Adecco/Bureau Veritas North America


Health & Safety

Global programmes and initiatives

A safe and healthy working environment for associates The Adecco Group strives to prevent accidents, injuries and diseases in the workplace. Recognising the risks our associates are exposed to when entering new and unfamiliar workplaces, the Adecco Group meets all statutory health and safety obligations. In order to ensure a fair basis for comparison of our safety performance among our country organisations, we look at the development of accident frequency rates (AFR), rather than comparing absolute AFR values. This is due to the fact that our involvement in the various business sectors – and thus various risk potentials – varies significantly from country to country.

Our standard measures are based on five cornerstones:

  1. Health and safety coordinators and committees
  2. Risk assessment in the workplace with regular follow-ups
  3. Employee testing, training and induction
  4. Medical checks in accordance with local regulations
  5. Personal protection equipment provided by Adecco or client companies.

Employee Global ACE Training on Health & Safety In 2013, 91% of all required global employees successfully completed the online Global Health & Safety ACE training module on work-related hazards and illnesses. The training emphasizes the importance of safety training and accident and incident reporting. Users also learn about ways to increase safety in the workplace and how to implement healthy workplace behaviours by giving advice on ergonomics, and how people interact with workplace tools, equipment and their working environment.

Supporting employee health and well-being In most countries, we have health and safety guidelines for employees and offer psychological hotlines or even direct access to a psychologist.
We provide our employees – if their job allows – with the necessary IT tools to work from home or any other place, helping them to fulfil their daily tasks in the best and most productive way possible. In many countries, we grant paternity leave and offer childcare assistance through agencies or cooperate with local day-care facilities in order to keep women in the workforce. Through our Win4Youth project, we also engage our employees to join in sports events during and after working hours. This contributes to enhanced passion, camaraderie, team spirit and well-being across departments and hierarchies. In many countries, there are one or two yearly events for our employees to celebrate as a team and enjoy themselves in an informal setting.

Local programmes and initiatives

Groupe Adecco France – Health & Safety awareness and training for employees, associates and clients
S@ve compétence is an online training tool to evaluate the know-how of associates with regards to safety issues in a working environment. The test is focused on how risks are evaluated as well as the behaviour and technical knowledge of the associates. After the assessment, the associate is debriefed by a consultant, who highlights good and bad practice. By the end of 2013, 650 branches were using the online training for positions in the industrial, logistics and transportation industry. The training has helped to reduce accidents significantly. The goal for 2015 is to reduce accidents by an additional 15%. Another measure which will be implemented is to analyse all accidents that lead to associates and employees being absent from work for more than four days.
The French Olympics for safety Groupe Adecco France says “yes” to safety and “no” to accidents. In April 2014, the Safety Olympics were launched. Five principles are to be covered by colleagues in France with clients and associates: to organise a client meeting in April, addressing workplace safety (28 April being the International Day of Safety); to check on associates’ workplaces; to initiate safety talks with clients and associates; to create safety awareness with branches by producing posters; to analyse any accidents with inability to work for more than four days. The performance of colleagues accomplishing the five tasks will be monitored and awarded.

Adecco North America with a strong engagement in health and safety A ‘company field safety, loss prevention and claims manual’, issued by the risk department, supports all employees in North America in their daily operations. It includes guidance on safety responsibilities, OHSA [1] and Adecco responsibilities, employee safety orientation, hazard recognition and control, personal protective equipment procedures and hazard communication procedures, client screening safety principles and claims management amongst others.
Adecco Canada was recognised by the Association of Canadian Search Employment & Staffing Services for its ten-year leadership and participation WSIB Safety Group Program.

Adecco Spain – healthy workplace Employees in Adecco Spain learn about prevention of ill health and the lifestyle which contributes to good health through the programme ‘A tu salud’. It provides information on topics such as nutrition, fitness and cardiovascular risks and how to prevent them as well as workshops on how to avoid back problems. Employees also have access to a medical helpline offered through Vodafone for any questions. Adecco believes that healthy and balanced employees provide better service quality for our clients, are more productive and competitive and have lower absentee rates. In addition, healthy people contribute to a good team spirit and higher retention rates.

Adecco Luxembourg with OHSAS 18001 [6] certification
Following the introduction of a health and safety system for employees and associates, the OHSAS 18001 certification was the next achievement on the basis of an audit in June 2010. This enabled the company to improve its health and safety processes and thus reduce the accident frequency rate by 20% in 2011.


[1]International occupational health and safety management system.