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“Win4Youth 2013 has brought us together as teams in our branches, divisions and offices – to have fun… to be healthier… to support youth charities… and to show that we care.”

Christophe Duchatellier, Regional Head of Japan & Asia


Win4Youth started as an opportunity for Adecco colleagues to engage in sports activity and a healthy life-style, live our values and transform the lives of young people. Over the four years of the Win4Youth programme, we have built on its huge success and momentum, also opening up participation to our clients and associates around the world. The 2013 Win4Youth initiative went back to its roots by selecting running as our sports activity. It culminated in the Athens Classic Marathon in Greece on 10 November 2013, where 75 colleagues participated in one of the toughest long-distance races, running 42.195 kilometres each. The Adecco team of ambassadors who competed in Athens represented their colleagues worldwide who ran or walked for Win4Youth throughout the year. The goal was to cover at least 500,000 kilometres to ensure a donation to the four selected foundations in Colombia, Italy, Thailand and Belgium. All the foundations we support are committed to helping disadvantaged young people get a better start in life and work. The targeted kilometres were already reached in autumn and were immediately upped to 600,000 kilometres by year-end. An outstanding result of 700,840 kilometres was achieved in 2013. Over 11,000 events in more than 60 countries took place, where 20,853 colleagues, 2,304 associates and 9,531 clients participated.

Adecco Croatia won the race, recording the most kilometres per person – a total of 179 kilometres – and Spain ranked first overall with an amazing 82,453 kilometres collected. Well done to every colleague, associate, client and country for a magnificent result.

Since the launch of Win4Youth in 2010, sports events have been organized in all our countries contributing to a Group donation by running, biking and swimming for youth employment and development programmes around the world. By the end of 2013, a total of more than one million Swiss francs have been donated by the Adecco Group over the four years of the programmes’ existence.

Adecco Group’s CEO proudly welcomes the Garmin Triathlon finishers.
Adecco Group CEO Patrick De Maeseneire welcomes the Win4Youth ambassadors 2013 at the finish line of the Athens Classic Marathon in Greece.
“Mad Max” Marc Herremans, the Win4Youth 2012 godfather inspiring Adecco.
During the Adecco Leadership Conference in January 2013, Florence Gravellier – One of Us – was introduced as the next Godmother for Win4Youth.

One of Us – Win4Youth Godmother 2013
We were very proud to count on Florence Gravellier as the Godmother for Win4Youth 2013. Florence Gravellier is a former two-time Paralympic medallist and the former world number one in Women’s doubles. But what’s more – she is One of Us! With her university degree completed, she focused on her sporting career and between 1996 and 2010, her national and international sports career took her all over the world. In 1999, Florence was selected to play for the French team in Flushing Meadows and she went on to win six French Championship titles. A will of steel and a sponsorship by Groupe Adecco France, helped her to become a key player in wheelchair tennis worldwide. Florence is a champion in sport and a champion of diversity. In 2010, she retired from competition and joined the Adecco team. She led the ‘Disability & Skills’ programme and three years later, she was made responsible for Sponsorship and Public Relations at Adecco France, a position she reached thanks to her in-depth knowledge of the sports environment, event management but also to her ability to connect with people.

In 2014 – the fifth year of Win4Youth – we are cycling again with a goal to achieve two million kilometres! 86 ambassadors will be trained to climb the legendary mountain ‘Le Col du Tourmalet’ (2,115 m), one of the most famous climbs on the ʻTour de Franceʼ. Adecco with all its colleagues will be cycling to raise funds for five foundations in Cambodia, Argentina, Portugal, Poland and Italy and we have another inspiring Godfather in 2014: Alessandro Zanardi – a gold and silver medal winner at the London Paralympic Games 2012 in handbiking.

Olympian Gabriela Szabo provides tips and tricks to Adecco employees.
Four teams of Adecco Greece colleagues participated in the ʻCorporateRelay Run’ and met up every week to contribute kilometres to Win4Youth.
Over 60 Adecco colleagues and family members spent time together hiking up to the Hong Kong High Island Reservoir and collecting 756 kilometres.
The Flash Run organised by Adecco Italy brought together colleagues, clients and employees of ʻaiutare i bambini’, one of the chosen foundations in 2013.
All of our 250 Norwegian colleagues made it to the top of ʻGaldhøpiggen’ (2,469 metres). This is what motivated teams are able to achieve together!

Select country initiatives and programmes
Tuesday is Adecco Greece Win4Youth Marathon Day Our employees in Adecco Greece made it easy to collect kilometres for Win4Youth in 2013. Every Tuesday evening at 7 pm, they organised the Adecco Win4Youth Greece Marathon Day in Athens, where employees had the chance to come together at the Olympic Athletic Centre ‘Spiros Louis’ to run or walk, contributing to the global goal of 500,000 kilometres. Employees from the Thessaloniki office had the chance – thanks to our Win4Youth App – to join the event virtually and add their kilometres! A group of colleagues also participated in the ‘Corporate Relay Run’. It was a philanthropic race and the symbolic entry fee was given to support 10 charitable associations that support the needs of 10,000 children in Greece.

Family walk Hong Kong Adecco colleagues gathered for a three-hour walk-running trip to Hong Kong’s High Island Reservoir, located in the far south-eastern part of the Sai Kung Peninsula. It was built to prevent water shortage problems in Hong Kong. 60 of our Adecco Hong Kong colleagues and their family members gave it another purpose: the long hike served to contribute 756 kilometres for Win4Youth and fomented great team spirit amongst colleagues and family members.

ʻFlash Run not Flash Mob Adecco Italy organised the ’Flash Run’ – inspired by the phenomenon of Flash Mob – a spontaneous short public performance by a group of people. Italian employees planned for an event in June which brought together 13 employees, their clients, volunteers and other supporters to run kilometres for Win4Youth. The event took place in Milan and consisted of a five-kilometre run in ‘Parco Lambro’, starting from the head office of Adecco Italy. Employees from one of the four foundations supported in 2013 – ‘aiutare i bambini’ – participated in the ’Flash Run’ too, helping to collect funds for children in need!

Win4Youth website
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Reaching highs in Norway In August, 250 Adecco employees from all over Norway came together, equipped with their backpacks in a small place called Lom. The area is part of one of Norway’s National Parks, Jotunheimen, where the highest mountain of Scandinavia and Northern Europe – Galdhøpiggen (2,469 metres) – is located. The base camp area in Lom provided the climbers with seven large tents to overnight. After dinner and some advice and information from mountain guides for the trip ahead, people were mentally and physically ready for the challenge! Participants could choose between two routes – one crossing an iceberg and the other mastering a steep trail. It was a team effort to get everyone to the top, and colleagues lived our values of team spirit, passion and responsibility. Despite the physical challenge, tired legs and blisters, everyone was happy and proud when the top was reached – creating stronger ties, an even stronger team and an amazing amount of 3,491 kilometres for Win4Youth!

“In Adecco Greece we opened our branches and approached our candidates to help them make their next career step successful in any way we can. We are honoured to have the opportunity to lend a hand.”

Konstantinos Milonas, Country Manager Adecco Greece


Way to work

The Adecco Way to Work™ According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), some 74.5 million of the almost 202 million unemployed in 2013 were young people aged between 15 and 24. This is almost one million more than in the previous year. There is a growing consensus that the causes go beyond the economic crisis and are due in part to a skills mismatch – hard and soft skills of young people are not attuned to the demands of the new global knowledge Economy. Adecco research suggests that 54 percent of unemployed young people feel they need more support and help in their efforts to find a job. Through the Adecco Way to Work™ initiative, we want to make Adecco’s leading recruitment expertise more accessible to young job seekers and provide real-life insights into the world of work and its requirements. We must help unlock their potential and give them a perspective. We cannot risk losing a whole generation.

The Street Day strategy The centrepiece of the Adecco Way to Work™ was the Street Day on April 30, 2013. Adecco employees were involved in more than 1,000 activities in high-traffic public areas and visited schools and universities. In addition, more than 2,000 branches opened their doors to offer career advice. In total, more than 20,000 coaching sessions were held and the Adecco Way to Work™ website registered a million visitors to its coaching resources. The Street Day is a symbolic act that can only inspire concerted action from governments, businesses, and individuals alike. More flexible labour markets, reform of education systems, and young people’s willingness to accept temporary job assignments or job opportunities abroad are essential requisites to overcome the current job crisis.
Watch the Way to Work™ Street Day 2013 video

Unique work experience job journeys across five continents Dreams are what future is made of. As part of the Adecco Way to Work™ initiative, a competition was launched to fire the work spirit and motivation of young people aspiring to build a better future for themselves. The nine winners and ambassadors, selected from more than 23,500 contestants, received a unique opportunity to experience the world of work in a diverse, international way. Adecco designed ʻjob journeys’ across five continents that provided the winners from France, the United States, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia and New Zealand with a taste of a wide variety of jobs and companies. The nine youngsters were encouraged to share their experiences and journeys via a blog with family, friends, Adecco employees, and the broader public. In total 46 Adecco clients in 49 countries supported the Adecco Way to Work™ and were willing and eager to give these young job seekers a unique experience and an insight into their businesses.

As the nine youngsters travelled around the world, they had much to share with their peers. Federico Sattanino from Italy offered this advice: “Don’t believe anyone who tells you that there are no jobs out there. There are, but we need to broaden our horizons and look a bit further afield.” Imane Krirat from Germany wrote: “During my trip I had the privilege to experience many different jobs. When I came back, I decided not to play it safe anymore and do something that’s great for me. So, I’ve changed my course of studies – from American Studies to Law.”

There is a whole generation at risk of exclusion from the world of work. Adecco took action in 2013 by reaching out to more than half a million young people all over the world. The purpose was to give them back their dreams and to let them know that they are not a lost but a loved generation. With the scale and intensity of engagement that Way to Work™ reached in 2013, Adecco and its colleagues in over 50 countries have been highly motivated to keep up their efforts in 2014.

For the second consecutive year, thousands of Adecco employees hit the streets of more than 900 cities in over 50 countries to take action against youth unemployment on April 30th, 2014. Our colleagues met over 600,000 people in the streets, public places and universities, offering career guidance and free training workshops. In total, 2,000 Adecco branches held open days and over 1,500 coaching sessions took place.

The format of the work experience was adapted so that more young people could get the opportunity of a one-month internship. Until June 12, talents could apply for 100 Adecco experiences in over 50 countries. Successful candidates took up their internships during the month of July and Adecco made sure the experience was enriching and valuable for their future career development. The successful candidates could also opt to apply for a unique opportunity: to become the ‘CEO of Adecco for one month’ in September under the direct supervision of the Group CEO, Patrick De Maeseneire – a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Watch the Way to Work™ Street Day 2014 video
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Adecco Poland’s employees consult people during
The Adecco Spain ʻmobile branch’ with colleagues during the 2014 Street Day, providing advice and guidance to people seeking for employment.
the Street Day in Warsaw.
In the US, the Adecco team undertook a variety of activities during the Street Day, one being the Careerathon at San Diegos’ Palomar Community College.
Adecco Tunisia’s Street Day counselling with young
What is your dream...? Adecco Belgium asked this during the Street Day and got a personal visit at our branch in Mons from Belgium’s Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, showing his support to fight unemployment.

Select country initiatives and programmes

Spain invited people to join their ‘mobile branch’ During the Street Day 2014 in Spain, Adecco employees invited people to join them on their ‘mobile branch’, providing them with interview tips, CV advice and the confidence that there is support for unemployed people to make their first step into – or re-enter – the labour market. On April 30, Adecco Spain reached around 90,000 people in 110 of their major cities.

Careerathon at San Diego’s Palomar Community College Adecco North America held their official ʻCareerathon’ at Palomar College in San Diego, California. Career professionals were on hand to offer free, one-on-one job hunting and career advice to the students and general public of the city of San Diego. Adecco North America’s Executive Vice President & President of Adecco Staffing as well as members of the Adecco leadership team joined the Careerathon to personally meet with participants. To keep people’s energy level up, free waffles were served to all participants.

Visits to High Schools and reaching out to graduates during ‘Russetiden’ Adecco colleagues in Norway visited several High Schools around the country to provide students with important tools for their first step into the labour market. This included how to compose an attractive cover letter and CV, how to apply for jobs through social media and how to prepare for an interview. With the slogan #Thinkaboutyour-future, Adecco also wanted to reach out to graduates who every year in May celebrate their graduation. This celebration is called ‘Russetiden’ and represents the completion of 13 years of education. Adecco Norway visited the major graduate events in Norway on 3 May, where more than 10,000 graduates could be reached.

Belgium’s Prime Minister joins the Street Day A great surprise for our Adecco team in Belgium – who were on the Streets with 130 employees, reaching out to 11,000 people. Unexpectedly, the Belgium Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo showed up at the Adecco branch in Mons to show his support for the Street Day and Way to Work™.

“My Way to Work adventure gave me back my self-confidence. It also made me aware of a career path for my future – web marketing. And now, my will to succeed is stronger than ever.”

Tolotra Ramarovahoaka, Work Experience winner and ambassador 2013


The Adecco Experience 2014 The Adecco Way to Work™ programme 2014 provided career guidance and one-month job experiences to improve the employability of young job-seekers. 88 young people in 50 countries took on a wide variety of roles in diverse areas of business thanks to the cooperation of Adecco clients all over the world. This was a unique opportunity for the youngsters to showcase their talents to potential employers. For many, this was their first job and an intense work experience to add to their CVs.

The ‘CEO for one month’ boot camp 46 of these young people had the ambition to put themselves forward as ‘CEO for one month’ and be personally mentored by Adecco Group CEO Patrick De Maeseneire. Ten were selected to join a boot camp in Zurich between August 12 and 16. For this once-in-a-lifetime position, the finalists were tested, challenged and assessed with a focus on Adecco’s core values – team spirit, customer focus, passion, responsibility and entrepreneurship – and leadership principles of cool head, warm heart and working hands. All ten finalists were exceptional talented candidates.

Meet the ten finalists:

Aurora Petrel, 28, Spain

Law and Political Science Adecco Experience as Experience Manager at Ikea Lives by the motto: Be a better person, make a better world.

Silvia Bizubová, 22, Slovakia

Social and Economic Sciences and European Studies Adecco Experience as Integrated Supply Chain Specialist at IBM Lives by the motto: If you really desire to achieve something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.


Andrew Chu, 19, Taiwan

Studying Business Administration Adecco Experience as Event Coordinator at Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee Lives by the motto: Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Allegra Guardi, 28, Italy

Master in Digital Marketing and New Media
Adecco Experience at Lombardini srl (Gruppo Kohler)
Lives by the motto: Necessity is the mother of invention.


Mohammed Assad, 26, Netherlands

Master of Science in Finance and Investments Adecco Experience as Finance Manager at Adecco Netherlands Lives by the motto: Travel as much as you can because travelling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

Adam Boardman, 18, UK

Studying for a Diploma in Business Adecco Experience in HR & Marketing at Oxley Developments Lives by the motto: Work hard, dream big.


Paola Ospina, 26, Colombia

Advertising & Marketing Adecco Experience as Marketing Manager at Adecco Colombia Lives by the motto: Opportunities only come once, either you take them or not – but always take them.

Elena Ollendiek, 24, Germany

Business Administration & European Management Adecco Experience in Sales & Marketing at Misumi Europe GmbH Lives by the motto: Follow your inner compass and stay true to yourself.


Benoît Hommel, 25, France

Master in Administration and Management Adecco Experience as HR assistant at Hewlett-Packard Lives by the motto: Always with the heart and a smile.

Adharsh Kumar, 20, USA

Marketing & Finance Adecco Experience as Marketing Coordinator at Ann Inc. Lives by the motto: Fake it till you make it.

Learn more about the Adecco Experience

Watch the Adecco ‘CEO for one month’ boot camp video

Paola Ospina signs her ‘CEO for one month’ contract watched by Patrick De Maeseneire who will personally mentor her in September.

Paola Ospina was chosen to be Adecco Group ‘CEO for one month’ The 26-year-old Colombian Paola Ospina will spend the month of September working and travelling alongside Adecco Group CEO Patrick De Maeseneire, attending operational meetings, carrying out business assignments, meeting many of her new Adecco colleagues and gaining a first-hand insight into the running of a Fortune 500 company.

Way to Work™ website
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”While elite athletes reach the finish line in their sporting careers, the IOC and IPC Athlete Career Programmes in cooperation with Adecco ensure that they will receive customised and professional counselling to successfully transition into the workplace.”

Cindy Chen, Regional Head, Adecco North East Asia


International Olympic Committee & International
Paralympic Committee Athlete Career Programmes
While life as an elite athlete and life in the business world may seem to have few similarities, achieving success on the field of play and in a corporate environment requires similar personal traits. There are many transferable skills acquired by athletes during their sporting career that can prove to be invaluable in a professional capacity, such as the ability to perform under pressure, dedication, self-motivation, competitive analysis, and a winning attitude. Making the transition from a sports career into the job market can be a difficult process, which is why the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Athlete Career Programmes are proving to be such a vital resource for Olympians and Paralympians with one eye on the future. Since 2005 and 2007 respectively, the IOC and IPC in cooperation with the Adecco Group have been providing education, life skills, career development and job placement expertise to help elite athletes successfully transition into the workforce.

Since the programmes were launched, more than 35 National Olympic and Paralympic Committees have cooperated with Adecco in their countries to deliver the ACP locally under the global Programmes. Together with outreach activities, delivered in countries that do not currently have a local agreement in place, more than 15,000 elite athletes from over 100 countries had been supported by the end of 2013.

A further 8-year commitment to elite athletes
In the 2012 Olympic year, the IOC and the IPC both extended their commitment to the Athlete Career Programme by each signing a further 8-year contract with the Adecco Group in July and September 2012 respectively.

Press release IOC ACP
Press release IPC ACP

“Combining sport with education or work has become increasingly challenging for athletes nowadays. This is where the ACP can help, by providing them with training opportunities and job placements, and thus achieving both sport and life goals.”
IOC President Thomas Bach

“The transition from competition to the workplace can be a difficult and daunting task for many. However, thanks to the cooperation with Adecco it will be far easier for athletes, who have many skills ideal for the workplace, to make the move smoothly and successfully.”
IPC President Sir Philip Craven

Adecco is working with the IOC and NOCs around the world to deliver career development workshops in countries beyond the Adecco global footprint. Outreach training in 2013 continued to grow and took place in the following regions: Oceania, Asia, Latin America and Asia to strengthen the Olympic Movement’s global commitment to prepare athletes for life after sports. In 2013, several IOC Athletes’ Commission members and former Olympians joined the sessions as trainees, with the aim of learning how to conduct workshops in the future. This new ‘train the trainers’ method will allow the IOC ACP Outreach Programme to expand in frequency and geographic coverage.

Why athletes make a great fit for any company
Athletes inspire and excite the world with their outstanding performance on the field of play. And they are so much more than what we see and perceive. That is why it makes sense for companies to hire high-performers who have exceptional attitude, drive, experience, world-class accomplishments and skills. By engaging with the ACP, companies have the chance to further develop Olympic and Paralympic athletes from world-class sports people to exceptional employees who contribute to an organisation’s success.

Watch the video of Alex Baumann

Florence Gravellier, former wheelchair tennis player and two-time bronze medalist at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, Adecco Groupe France employee and Win4Youth godmother 2013.
Local sprint legend Frank Fredericks with a group of young Namibian athletes who were eager to learn how they can achieve life-long success – on and off the field of play.
Nordea’s HR Director together with Adecco Norway’s Country Manager and three of the six trainees who will have the chance to experience a one-year internship.
Close to 20 Olympic and Paralympic Belgium athletes and 17 companies had the chance to meet, learn and connect during Adecco Belgium’s HR ACP event.
The delegation of French elite athletes, Athletes’ Commission Members and the Presidents of the French Olympic and Paralympic Committees met with the Groupe Adecco France Country Manager during Roland Garros 2014.

Select country programmes and initiatives

6th International Athletes’ Forum Singapore and ACP workshop for local athletes More than 40 local athletes attended the Athletes’ Career Programme workshop organised by the Singapore NOC and the Singapore NOC Athletes’ Commission with the support of the Singapore Sports Institute and Adecco at the Marina Bay Sands on 26 June, 2013.
The NOC took the opportunity to organise this event as part of the 6th International Athletes’ Forum held in Singapore from June 27th to 29th. The panelists included Olympians Barbara Kendall of New Zealand, IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair Claudia Bokel as well as the Adecco head of the global IOC ACP, Patrick Glennon. During the workshop, athletes also had the chance to meet with employers for informal networking and the opportunity to present themselves for internships or job opportunities.
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IOC Online Courses for athletes launched Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are revolutionising the way young people learn. In Sochi, the IOC celebrated the launch of the IOC Athlete MOOC – a new online platform giving athletes the opportunity to learn from the best sporting minds in the world, anytime, anywhere. From short courses that cover subjects from Sports Coaching and Sports Science to Sports Technology and Leadership, the IOC Athlete MOOC brings together the expertise of the world’s leading universities, Olympic champions, top coaches and entourage, as well as inspirational leaders from sport and business. The IOC Athlete MOOC is accessible for everyone free of charge.
Check out the IOC MOOC

‘Tour de force’ to Southern Africa The Outreach Programme is one way in which the IOC ACP is delivered to athletes around the world in cooperation with Adecco. The IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair, Claudia Bokel, former IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair and IOC member Frank Fredericks and management staff from Adecco led the workshops, with fellow Athletes’ Commission members Kirsty Coventry and Amadou Dia Ba as well as former Olympians Sandrine Thiebauld and Kadidiatou Kanouté participating as trainees to learn how to conduct their own workshops in the future. This group travelled to seven cities in six countries:
Mazenod, Lesotho; Windhoek, Namibia; Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa; Manzini, Swaziland; Gabarone, Botswana; and Lusaka, Zambia.
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Adecco Hong Kong committed to support Paralympic Movement Hong Kong Paralympic Committee and Sports Association for the Physically Disabled (HKPC&SAPD) expressed its firm commitment to athletes’ career development by signing a two-year extension of its cooperation agreement with Adecco Hong Kong. The goal is to expand the current programme from training and placement services to an additional pillar focused on inclusion. The new pillar focuses on fostering a dialogue between business, non-profit organisations and government on the importance of including athletes and people with a disability in the workplace, creating greater diversity for the benefit of all involved. Adecco is walking the talk and employed So Wei Wang, Hong Kong star Paralympian and 12-time medallist in an internship position with its Marketing & Communications team. His main project was to plan a major Win4Youth event for clients, associates and employees.
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Olympiatoppen trainee programme Six Olympic and Paralympic athletes were chosen in October 2013 to be the first trainees with Nordea and ÅF – both sponsors of the Norwegian Olympic & Paralympic Committees and Confederation of Sports (NIF). All one-year positions are structured so that elite athletes can continue their training and competition while gaining valuable insights into the labour market and company life as well as learning new skills. For the companies it is a great experience to have such talented sports people amongst their employees as they can bring a different kind of expertise to the table. One of the trainees – Nils-Erik Ulset, Paralympic Biathlete and cross-country skier, was a gold and bronze medallist in Salt Lake City, Torino and Vancouver and silver as well as bronze medallist in Sochi. Many athletes cannot pay for their bills with their sports which makes this paid traineeship even more valuable.

Sochi Blog – Adecco North America Adecco’s ACP team in the US has been spreading the word about the USOC Athlete Career Program through a blog, introducing readers to interesting facts and figures about the Olympics, different sports and also about US athletes, their challenges, work experiences and competition. Running up to Sochi, the blog informed readers about competing athletes and their need for employment and flexible schedules so that they can be as successful in sports competition as in the labour market.
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Meet and greet in Belgium In April 2014, Adecco Belgium brought together close to 20 Olympic and Paralympic athletes and around 17 client companies. The athletes could benefit from a coaching session on how to successfully network and present their acquired traits and skills in sport in business language. This was followed by a plenary session where Adecco Belgium’s Country Manager, the Presidents of the Belgium Olympic & Paralympic Committees as well as a renowned Sports psychologist and athletes talked about the importance of facilitating athletes’ access to the labour market during and after their sports career. Athletes contribute to motivating a company’s workforce, and labour market participation helps athletes to perform better in sports and on the job.
Watch the Belgium HR event video

Olympic and Paralympic Committees in France commit to support athletes at Roland Garros At the beginning of June 2014, during the French Open – one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments for which Adecco and Ajilon recruited over 1,500 associates for the 15-day tournament, another important event took place. Groupe Adecco France and the French National Olympic Committee (CNOSF) renewed the agreement to deliver the Parcours Athlète Emploi (Athlete Career Programme – ACP) to French athletes. For the first time, an agreement was also signed with the French Paralympic Committee (CPSF). Attending the ceremony were around 60 people, including the Regional Head of the Groupe Adecco France, the two Presidents of the French Olympic and Paralympic Committee as well as the President and Vice-President of the French Athletes’ Commission and around 30 elite athletes.
The renewal of the ʻParcours Athlète Emploiʼ with the CNOSF will last until 2016, the year of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio. The agreement with the French Paralympic Committee (CPSF) was signed for one year and will be up for renewal in 2016.

Adecco ACP website
IOC ACP website
IPC ACP website