CSR Communication on Progress 2013/2014

Dear Stakeholder,

Lifelong employment adapted to personal, family, generational and geographical needs and abilities for everyone is the aim of our industry.

‘Better work, better life’ – It’s our passion

As a global team of 31,000 colleagues, we are passionate about improving the world of work. Every year, we make an impact on the lives of more than 3 million people and their families – from school leavers to mature workers – providing them with employment in a wide range of industries and functions. We support enterprises, from large corporations to small family businesses, matching talents and skills with their needs. We make sure that our customers have the flexibility to deal with the uncertainty of a complex and volatile economic environment.

In times of economic instability, our responsibility and role have become even more important. Creating jobs, transforming careers through training and helping young people to enter the job market are at the very core of what we do. The financial crisis has turned into an employment crisis; and young people have been harder hit than others. Youth unemployment is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems of our times. Today 23.5% of youth are out of work across Europe. Just think that in Greece more than 55% of young people are jobless. Globally, the ILO estimates that almost 73 million youngsters are excluded from work [1].

Work is a basic human need and contributes to people’s well-being, as well as to healthy societies and economies. We cannot sit back and watch as people at risk of exclusion lose their dreams and their aspiration to simply be a part of the active workforce.

This is why we take concrete action through our global programmes such as the Adecco Way to Work™, Win4Youth and the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee Athlete Career Programmes. These initiatives are concrete examples of how we endeavour to increase the employability of people at risk of exclusion from the workforce. We offer educational materials, training, work experience and career guidance: We provide the practical tools to help them overcome barriers, and connect them with companies and jobs.

Indeed, people with the right skills have become the key resource of the global economy. How countries and organisations manage their talent will increasingly determine their competitive advantage. In November 2013, Adecco launched the first Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) in partnership with INSEAD and the Human Capital Leadership Institute of Singapore. Our annual study measures the competitiveness of over 100 countries based on the quality of skilled people they can develop, attract and retain. It provides private and public decision-makers with insights to where action must be taken to implement and assess the effectiveness of talent-related policies and practices.

The Industry Leadership and Gold Standard distinction we achieved in the 2013 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices review is a recognition of our global and local initiatives in the Economic, Social and Environmental sphere. We take pride in this achievement and see it as an opportunity to reach even greater goals in Corporate Social Responsibility and in what we do every day: providing more than 650,000 people with work and growing their talent.

What we do at Adecco is not simply a job, it’s our passion; it is what unites us in achieving our economic goals and our social and environmental targets. It’s what drives us every day. Therefore, a natural addition to our four core values – Team Spirit, Customer Focus, Responsibility and Entrepreneurship – is Passion. A value which has made and will make us improve the way people work – one job at a time.

We thank all stakeholders – our colleagues, associates and candidates, clients, suppliers and our investors – who join us and engage with us and share our passion to improve the world of work and make ‘better work, better life’ a reality for millions of people around the world.

[1]ILO: Global Employment Trends for Youth 2013


Patrick De Maeseneire
Chief Executive Officer

Wanda Rapaczynski

Member of the Board of Directors,
Chairwoman, Corporate Governance Committee